Sunday, January 19, 2014

Grocery day, quite a bit.

There was a time where $180 wouldn't get you much. In fact, you probably left the store feeling like "what the heck did I get?" Doesn't seem like much. Yeah, been there and I am glad I am not there anymore. This was $180 worth of stuff that I got for less than $90. I got about 50% savings,yet I wish I had done more. I need to make a better strategy, I got to organize and pull coupons before I go and just carry the binder for unadvertised deals. It would be easier. Perhaps. My hubby last night was wondering why I was going through my coupons and it seemed like an endless battle of organizing. Well, yeah it feels like it but, I have to do it. Too often I go looking for something and can not find it. Due to some unorganization. So my butt has to get it into gear! I want 80% savings or more.  And I although my binder is organized, I need it to be more efficient. What do you do to keep organized?

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