Wednesday, January 15, 2014

He tried to walk today.

Of all the places for little man to try to walk it had to be the bathroom . It just had to be. I was in the bathroom cleaning up really quick and putting a fresh clean towel up, when little man crawled in. He tried standing from being on his little knees, and did. But then he tried to walk. And he went splat. He didn't land on the uber soft and squishy bath mat, no. Instead, little man landed on the travertine. And as he was loosing balance he tried to grab the tub as I was diving after him to catch him. I missed, he missed, and we both missed. He started screaming and blood was running down his face, out of his little mouth. He had busted his gum, again. He hit where his new tooth was, and it was already painful from  growing out of the gum. It is a work in progress ;can't wait for the molars to come all the way through. But, blood was in his mouth and there was quite a bit of it my reaction? A slight panic and a run to hubby. Who calmed me down after I explained what happened. After a cold compress and some Tylenol, he was in a lot of pain. Wouldn't you be? So, now I have a crabby baby and he has every right to be. I know I can't keep him from hurting himself, but it seems to be happening a lot lately. Later I am going to post couponing basics. Try. Haha
#gotmyhandsfull #couponchic

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