Sunday, January 26, 2014

Enjoying my Sunday, right?

I has been a bit since I got the iPad air and now I am still getting used to it.  Is it sad my baby can use some thing better than me? He can switch screens in apps, which is something I can not do well. But little man can, go figure. I figure most baby's now have more technology than babies from years ago. True and fact. Right now on this fine Sunday(it is Sunday,isn't it?) my son is busy eating his full grean beans and chicken. He is getting tired of the jar food, I think. At 10 months I do not blame him. He is getting more teeth and those choppers want to chomp. And what better to chomp than a green bean and piece of boiled chicken? Nothing, at least for now. 
I love weekends, but I feel I get nothing done. I vacuum twice a day and can't when hubby is home. He hates the vacuum. But with the dog, I have too. And I am still trying to get the cat smell from the family before out of the carpets. Nothing so far has worked, but I haven't tried powder cleaners. That friends is next. Any advice? This has been an on going battle for almost 1 full year. 
I have gotten some shopping done. And while I was hoping I was done one glance at hubby's milk told me he needed new milk. Expired milk is no good.

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