Thursday, January 9, 2014

New toy,and a deal.

Last night I finally got an iPad. It is what I expected and then some. Definitely a more blogger friendly tablet. Let's face it, iPad is a tablet. I have been told that it is not, it is an iPad. It is a tablet. Let's move on. I got iPad air, and yes, I like it.  It made my day better, after dealing with my teething baby. Yesterday was a bad day for him. I wish I could make it better, nothing worse than your baby in pain. Nothing. Poor little man. 
I was up most of the night thinking. About something good and thinking about little man #mylittleluv. It was a great deal on cat litter. The new cat litter by Arm and Hammer Clump and seal. Target has it on sale and there are coupons for it. Like on the box the coupon is for $3 off now and $3 off later. When a new product is release a high value coupon is used. Nice right?  I have a store coupon for $1off. So $3.99 for a box of litter. I can get 2 boxes for the cost of one. I am going to take advantage of that. And then get a  Target debit card for an additional 5% off. Super savings, cause be realistic cat litter is expensive. 

More for Target, ok want free dental floss? I posted about this on Gofashiondeals, but will share here too. Go to to print out $1 off one oral care item. It can be used on any Up & Up brand oral care item. This coupon can be found under beauty in the coupon section. So, the dental floss is normally $.99 the coupon will make it $0.00, absolutley free! 

 These deals are fantastic! Take advantage!

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