Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Exercise and the Xboxone.

I have been trying to get back into shape after having my baby. Almost a year ago, and it has been a struggle to get up and go. I was walking everyday and that helped a lot, but then it started to get hard to walk outside. The constant Fl weather changes made it hard to walk with baby in tow. I tried work out videos but it was not enough. I got bored and needed a trainer like atmosphere. Then my hubby got his Xboxone. It has the newest Kinect and is very responsive. So, I tried it out with the baby being nearby. Oh my lord, what a work out! I did the Jillian Michaels hips, buns, and thighs extreme workout level 1. I worked out again today, I made it past the 4 minute mark. Which just tells you how out of shape I am. No wonder she was the main trainer for  The Biggest Looser.  She puts you through the wringer, yes, I know I only made it 10 of the 30 minutes. I feel like that was an accomplishment. I have a hear condition so sometimes I just can not do as much as others. Today, I did my work out and was determined to get better. I want an awesome body back for spring and summer. I am tired of jiggly belly. It is actually uncomfortable. I hate having a slight muffin top, and pants do not fit right. Jillian Michaels on Xbox fitness is helping me get my zing back. I hurt, but I feel every little bit I do helps, both my heart and my self esteem. Something I have been missing. 

So my thoughts on Xbox Fitness? I ABSOLUTLEY love it!!! It is worth the purchase alone. And it tracks your progress ,heart rate, and tells you if you are doing something wrong. It encourages you ,unlike the Wii Fit. Remember the Wii Fit, it would flat out tell you "You're Fat" or "You move like an 88 year old woman ."   I feel this is better and can not wait to get further in my game.  If you want a quick workout while baby is sleeping do the 10 min workout for abs. It is low impact and fun! 

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