Friday, January 10, 2014

Last stop, and a change of policy.What!?

After, I went to Target I went to Publix supermarket. I wanted to take advantage of some killer steals and deals, on Venus Razors,Gilette, and Schick. As well as deals on hot dogs,pasta sauce,chips,sodas,and other items. So, I had a stack of coupons, I am talking a STACK. I got several free conditioners and shampoos for $2.99-$3.99. There was a manufacturer coupon fromTarget that could be used at Publix, everything was fine. Until I got to checkout. The policy had changed and I was not aware of it. So the store put a limit of how many competitor or rather just Target coupons you can use in a single transaction. Crap, there I am with a line a mile long behind me trying to get shampoo and condition for $2.99 for each set. Then the same happened at tooth paste time. CREST was 3 for $5. After my coupons it was $3 for 3 tubes instead of my hopeful $2. Man, all that work and my coupons couldn't be used. Oh,well. I also was thinking about this woman in Target who was telling me how poor she was, how she got social security and disability, and how she was broke. I turned to her and said, that is why I coupon. She said she couldn't afford to coupon. ...what? How? Ok, it is free to coupon if from online. And it takes work, patience, learning, and trial and error. She didn't hear me. She went on about how she couldn't afford what I could, I told her she is doing better than most people . And then I hear, I am still broke..ok. Was there a point to be made by her? I told her how to coupon, and told her it takes time. Was she trying to see what I would do? I am sorry I have been without and I know fully what it is like to have bare cupboards and pantry.  To fill shampoo and conditioners with water to use what ever was left on the bottom as shampoo. As long as little man was fed, I needed not. He was all that needed it. I know what it is like, believe me your story, is completely relatable. And while you were buying your snacks, ma'am I was trying to figure out how to keep the lights on and something in the house. I couldn't afford a dollar. And now that I can stock up, I am. And I will not have to buy Tide, Dawn,Angel Soft, Bounty,pasta, shampoo, conditioner, or toothpaste for a very very long time. Oh and cat litter too. Now I have a stock pile, and now I won't have to worry about things fora while. I can focus on meat and veggies at the stores. And that is great.
Publix, has some great bogos now.
Get crunch master crackers, they are by one get one free, and use 2 manufacturer coupons on each set. So for $1.19 a set why not? Get it! As well as digital coupon for Oscar Myer hotdogs, which is bogo free! $3.59-$2. That is $1.59 for 2,not bad!

I got a lot, for what I paid. $91.43 is what I saved! 

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