Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Today's deal.was it worthy?

The boy and I went to some stores with my mom and got some great deals. Why don't I feel good about some. Well here is some of what I did.
At this store, we had an issue with digital coupons not working.  So, we had to go in with the receipts and show what happened. We got refunded the money. From there I went to get FREE mitchum deodorant.  Yes, the $2 off in the paper, take it to Publix and stock up. Do me and yourself a favor. Save money! I also go paper towels by Bounty and some Jenny-o bacon bogo. With coupons it was pretty cheap.  Total I paid 10.70.  And I felt good. For more publix coupons click here.
The trio that we were went to Walmart. There were deals on Tena where you earn $2.16 of each small bag of panty liners. Great to donate and the overage helps the rest of the order. Ok. So they were out. Darn! Then the Goldbond was not the right kind. And of course they were out of the Schick razors I needed. $20 down the pooper. I go get my son's formula and get the rest of my shopping. Free birdseye veg and Del Monte veggies cheap. I love the deals and for what I got $50 isn't bad. But I know I could have done better. Oh well.
Yeah,lol. Bounty was upside down. Oh well. #momenthad

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