Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Baby it's cold outside!

The weather app on my Samsung Galaxy S3 says it is 37degrees out! but there is a windchill which brings it down to 30. I come from Missouri originally so to me I get it and understand it. But explaining windchill to a Fl born person, is like trying to explain quantum physics to a 5year old. It is cold, you must wear your hats and scarves and gloves. Not to mention a coat. Something that not too many Floridians have. I do, but then I know it does and can get chilly or Icey cold! I was supposed to go to Publix today to get the new add that starts tomorrow and share it with you all, but, I could not get up. Baby kept me up all night again, and for whatever reason with teething he just WIll not sleep. Any suggestions mamas? 
But, even if I could and little man was awake to go, I would not take him in that cold. Early hours are really bad. He would be a baby Popsicle. Poor little man is tired too. 

I am trying to focus here to write something and my focus is out the door, I need more coffee. Yeah, lots of coffee. 
He has the right idea. 

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