Monday, April 29, 2013

Impitgo ick

It started one day out of no where, my son's ear was full of weird crusty fun and wet ooze. I kept it clean but still it was bad. I didn't know what it was and took him to his pediatrician.  It was impetigo a nasty infection. Nasty to look at and annoying for my little guy. It is a infection common for children who are of preschool age and older. Not really common for an infant. But leave it to my boy to get it.
It started with a scratch and the infection got in and went nuts. A week of augmenton and lots of washing the ear, clothes, and anything my little guy touched.  When I thought it was gone BAM! It came back with a vengeance and in both ears.
My poor little guy was stuck in gloves for weeks and I never thought this would happen. As a new parent I felt lost, helpless,  and like the worst mama ever.  The pediatrician ordered a culture to see if it was staph which it was.  He ordered more augmenton and topical drops,it is finally gone.
Impetigo has 2 forms, small little bumps and oozy weeping funk that looks like brown sugar or Non bollous. The second is bigger welts that may not and ooz ,bollous impetigo. Sorry for the description. My boy had the first and the infection is a form of strep or staph. Both need medications and the severity will affect the treatment.  Topical or oral meds, or both. And it is INFECTIOUS, so keep other kids away from baby.

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