Monday, April 29, 2013

A battle royale, the fight for sleep.

I have the most epic nights, sleepless, filled with chatter in the baby monitor. Partly my fault, the other his.This battle for a sleep schedule is driving me slowly to the brink of sleep deprived insanity.  My son slept for a few days all night, several days in a row! It was great! I got much needed sleep and so did my hubby. All was good in the house, but I was still home. I could still make his schedule and even if he was up all night it was ok. I could be with him and attempt to slept during his nap. But, I am back at work, trying to get him to bed at the times I had was not and is not easy. I can no longer just tough it out, I need some sleep. And I should be trying to keep him up but all I want is too hold him. No matter what time of day, thanks baby withdrawal.
Now, he did sleep one night all night, but I was still up. I would zombie my way into his room at the smallest peep. I would see he is asleep and go back to bed, but alas I would be back up and out of bed. That is my fault.
And here I sit baby in lap, trying to keep him up so I can get him on a schedule. Is it working? NO. He is sleeping and not wanting to be up. Truly a great fight and I am loosing it.
I typed that up last night, after a bath(which he peed in) and bottle i got him down. But it was a small victory he didn't sleep long. I'm sure it will even out but right now it is tough.

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