Friday, April 26, 2013

Bumper guards: Mesh or padded?

We just got little guy into his crib not too long ago, and are getting his room done. One thing on my mind is the crib liner,bumper guard, padding, whatever. Should I get the mesh or go ahead with the cute plush one in a print?

Many mom's are switching to the mesh liners I know, and with good reason. As the mesh there is less likely a chance of suffication and may offer more piece of mind. But, will it really make that much difference? Is it really better and is it going to help soften the blow of a head bonk to the crib rails? The literature on the mesh liner says will reduce the chance of entanglement and suffocation, and colapses when baby climbs on it. It looks like just a netting and it isn't very appealing to the eye like traditional bumper guards.

The traditional padded bumper guards, yes this what our parents used and many moms still use. They swear by these cute decorations of functionality. And why not?! The bumpers protect baby much in the same way as mesh but are not as breathable. They are more decorative and fun. So, why, if they cause suffocation are they still around? I remember my sister using these on my nieces' cribs and they are all fine.

So, right now I am battling the which one game in my online cart at babys r us. Wondering which one I should get. Oh the choices, mamas what are your opinions?

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