Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My morning walk and an epiphany

Such a peaceful walk.
While I was on my morning walk this morning, I was taking in the beauty of my ruralesque neighborhood, I came to the realization; Black ops Ghosts came out, and I can not get it. It isn't for me, it is for my hubby.
I know that Christmas is around the corner, but I also know how much he wanted it. There are many sacrifices that we have had to make since I went from being a WAHM to a SAHM. I do not think I should even call it a WAHM job, what I had. It was more like working at home but no kid home with me. That, ladies and gents made my post partum so much worse. How tortuous going on break and seeing his room. Seeing his room empty and no baby bear in there. I was lonely, miserable, and soooo bored. The job was too stressful and my health went poop.
So, the company I worked for decided to get rid of accepting doctors notes. And thusly my behind got fired. I found out 3 weeks after being let go that they started to accept doctors notes again. SERIOUSLY?! Oh well, I am enjoying being a SAHM.
But, back to what I was originally talking about. MY epiphany. I realized that I needed to make a change, I had already opened my very own eBay store. My pride and new found joy, this store offers gently used baby stuff,handbags,women's clothing, odds and ends, holiday stuff, and tech. It is a lot of work, but I know it will pay off. Just like my blogs. I have to be smart about it and understand there is competition.
But, I needed something more and the question was to myself; "Do I go and get a night job?"
Most people in my life would yell no! I do after all have a now 8 month old to take care of during the day. So, what else do I do?
I write in my blogs a lot and am trying to join in Blogher's NaPloMo's November thing. I want to get writing more often and better. I frequent WAHM and am trying to find something that would allow me to be home with little man and work. This is proving to be quite the challenge. I know what I need and we need the financial help. That is one of the reasons I opened my eBay store was to help us. It actually has helped us. But, I need more.
So, I found on WAHM a writting opportunity. Now, I have not had anything published. All I ask for is the chance to succeed. A chance to do something I do enjoy and I enjoy writing in my blogs. This one I tend to fall on more than the fashion blog. I think I see Gofashiondeals and know it could be more. The issue is trying to make it more. I got to get to work. So, I shall continue to look and see what the status is and I hope the editors will give me a chance.


  1. Hi! I found you on BlogHer nablopomo. I'm in a similar boat. I enjoyed this blog and wish you the best! I will be sure to check out your ebay store!

    1. Thank you! I'll be sure to check out your blog too! :) apreciate you stopping by!