Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Living with cats; the silliness goes on.

My cat would not stop staring me down.

Ever had this happen to you? You're sitting at your desk and then this.....
A cat wants, I mean really wants attention. They will sit on you or the computer. I have had the mouse attacked and cat in the monitor screen. They love being in the way.  God help you if you get up, your chair is now their's.
  What does your cat do?


  1. Hahhaha! Oh man, I haven't had a cat in a few years (I plan to get one in two to three years) but they are sooo funny. I had a siamese cat who used to sit on my chest (while sleeping!) and put his nose to my nose and stare at me. Cross eyed. Then would paw at my eyes when they flickered.

    Found you via NaBloPoMo


  2. Hahahahah bring the whole you know your being watched to a new level! too cute!