Sunday, November 17, 2013

Blog redesign.Am I finished?

I got tired of the boring layout and background on my blog. So, I figured I could just make the color different. Then, I found the background images. WHAT?! Why did I not realize this before? Ugh!

So I changed some stuff. Ok I revamped the whole blog. I fell in love with the blocks. They are for little ones, but also it symbolizes something more. They are all over the place and just like they are for building; I am building my life. It is constantly being knocked over and put back up. Just like blocks. MY life is like a bunch of alphabet blocks.I changed the fonts too and made the posts wider. To me it is what I was looking for and had been for some time. I would have done this sooner if I figured it out sooner. Just saying.
I love this blog and I find myself writing more here than anywhere else. I have more to say here, more to do here on Mama's Logue. I want this blog to succeed and grow.

So, what do you think of the new blog. Hubby and I feel it fits me, and it looks good. Comment down below and thanks for stopping by Mama's Logue.

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