Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Today, is not a bad day. My little man is cutting another tooth or two. I swear he cut a tooth last night but the little booger wont let me check his mouth. And today he is not wanting to eat. Great. I also had to call his doctor over his eczema issues. His eczema hasn't gone away, and he is itching himself to bleeding. I think it is one of the reason's why he gets so crabby. I mean wouldn't you? It makes me hurt for him, poor baby. He had allergy testing and he isn't allergic to any foods. I have also tried so many home remedies that I am exhausted. I keep him moisturized and still it comes right back in an hour. So, right now I am waiting for his doctor to call me back. YAY. He also tried to walk again. Did he make it? No. He face planted on the floor. He didn't cry, instead he growled at the floor. The lad also has an obsession with the Xbox 360. He wants to touch it so bad. And you can never tell if he is going for the Xbox or just standing. Usually he is going after the Xbox. So, he is now learning what NO is. It is a fun thing trying to teach a little 8 month old what NO is. He is worse about it when daddy is home. He typically leaves the Xbox alone after I tell him no sir. When dad is home, HA. He is testing daddy. And somehow mommy is the one that looses.
My store is doing good, and I listed a Pink Coach Signature bag, something I was battling doing. Why? It was the first Coach bag I ever got and my hubby gave it to me. But, he gave me a new one after my son was born. So, I feel I can let it go and someone else can love it just as much as I did and do.
The thing about eBay is that you have to keep track of quite a bit. What is selling and what isn't. Also, how to market your items so people will see them.The one thing that iritates me most is people not paying and then after you message them., they never respond.But, eventually I get to relist the item. I know eBay has helped a lot of mom's earn something while being at home with the little ones,even if it is just enough for getting their nails done. Some ladies have turned it into a million dollar enterprise. I know I may never get there but, as I have said in other posts I am going to try, eventually my hard work will pay off, right? Right? Oh, I hope so!

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