Monday, November 4, 2013

Oh time change.

Time changes aren't too bad, but my son's schedule has been thrown off.  His naps are short and all over the place. I just can not get him to nap.
One thing that I think may be the cause, besides the separation issues and teething, is his eczema.
It is bad, well for him.
He is so itchy and his red marks under his knees make me feel awful. I have tried numerous natural remedies and none have worked. I have looked all over pinterest and tried quite a bit. But, I fear I will have to go prescription, something I wanted to do the whole time. But, everyone and their mothers said do home remedies first! I now have to see if the Aveeno Baby for eczema works. However, I will call my baby's pediatrician first and get an rx. To have in case. I hate that my son is so itchy and miserable.
Hopefully something good happens and it clears up. From my understanding they grow out of it, I hope he does.
Until then I have to use whatever I can to make him happy. Any thoughts?

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