Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dusted off my Xbox controller.

I miss gaming. And I am not talking about that tap games on tablets or phones. No,real gaming. So I got out my game controller and started to play viva pinata again. Exactly how I remember it, it's been awhile since I  played. I had to make a new garden. I named it Bikini Bottom. All the characters are there,  in Trouble in Paradise, but there are new pinatas and new ruffians. One thing too is if you kill a sour it poops out a bad seed. It is a weed. Got to smash them before they plant. Right now, I am level 9. But, I just started back up yesterday.
What made me start up? I missed it. Being a mom comes first, but when baby is snoozing I can play. If I like, if not I do whatever. It feels good to play again. My Xbox is back in full use. Is it good to play games again? Well yeah, it had always been my escape. I get a lot of good thinking done,pink controller in hand. I also wait for little man to be asleep and no headset. I don't do Xbox live. So,here I am with my pink controller, ice water, and popcorn. Playing Viva Pinata Trouble in Paradise while listening to the love of my life play GTA5 and my little man sleep soundly and peacefully. Life is good.

This is what I wrote last night. I got to level 12, yay!!! And now I remember why I love Viva Pinata. It is simple and fun. I do hate the fact I had to start over, but what else do I expect. My last Xbox red ringed. I can't wait to play again. It is entertaining and fun. The next game I hope to tackle is Assassin's creed.

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