Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hello, I am a Food Network and Cooking channel aholic

Hi readers,
I have a slight confession, I am a cooking show fanatic. I don't care if it is a bake off or Barefoot Contessa, I will watch it. My husband doesn't understand how I can watch it so much. It is good TV, there is no fighting, no yelling,no swearing, and lots of promise. I learn a bunch from watching it. For instance I just learned how to make an easy inexpensive white truffle butter pasta. So, why not watch it. It is easy watching food shows. I don't have to think a whole lot when watching it. Right now I am watching someone make a Turduken. Which is a chicken stuffed into a duck which is stuffed inside a turkey. Have you ever had any? I have to say, I am not really interested in it. But, it seems interesting. I also have seen Paula Deen deep fry a turkey. The question is, do you fry your turkey, or do you do it the old fashioned way. Do you brine your turkey? Do you baste your turkey?

All this turkey talk makes me want it to be Thursday already!
Just a few days left!

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