Friday, November 8, 2013

Letter to my baby.

Dear baby boy,
I am so thankful to have you. This month being premature birth awareness month, I decided to write you this letter. Not that you can read it yet, and if you can WOW! It made me aware about how lucky the three of us are and were. Your daddy, you, and me are all very lucky and owe the hospital a huge bit of gratitude. Not so many get the chance. 
You were almost born at 31 weeks and would have weighed around 5 lbs. I was told before admission that if you were born ; A. a c-section and B. the next 24 hours would be critical. Either of us could have died. Scary isn't it? But after what seemed like 800 shots to my behind later, the contractions slowed down. However, they were not gone. I was in pain until your birth boyo.  I am so thankful for Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women and Babies as well as Dr Odom at Physicians Associates.
Here you are 8 months later and already trying to walk. And not a day goes by where I do not think about what could have happened. But here you are being adorable and even now being cute as a button watching Peppa Pig. You should be nom nomed on and often. I give you tons of kisses and hugs and snuggles because I love you so much little man. So very very much. 
So baby boy, I love you. I love you when you laugh. I love you when you cry. I love you when you get a hold of things you shouldn't. I love you when you crawl after me. I love that you need me all the time.I love that you are already trying to walk on your own!I love that you amaze me everyday! I love that mischievous laugh of yours, which only comes out when you try to TINKLE on everything. Let me explain this. 
My son thinks it is funny to try and pee when you change him. Not like, "Oh, I waited too long to change you and now I am being punished for being diaper slow". This is a super evil grin, then BAM, and then the laugh. It is actually the funniest thing I have heard. It almost makes me forget that he just tinkled everywhere. Let me clear here, he doesn't do it all the time. But when he does, it is funny. I only wished he would do it for something else and not THAT. Like getting the Xbox, why can't he do that while turning on the Xbox?
Which he knows how to do. I one day didn't turn on the Xbox quickly enough for his Peppa Pig and he did it himself. He then sat down and stared at me, then looked at the tv. OH NO. 
Baby boy, I hope when you get older you understand why we wouldn't let you play certain video games. We are both gamers, your dad and I. We know which games are good and which are bad for you. So, you will never pull a "fast one" on us. Sorry, but we will not have an 8 year old son on Xbox live swearing like a sailor and being a brat to the 20 somethings on there. Let me tell you, the older crowd on Xbox live get embarrassed for you. Too often I hear the adults on Xbox live wondering if the parents TRULY understand what they are playing. And many do not! They wonder if they kiss their mommy with that potty mouth and end up kicking them from their lobbies with disgust at the language,even though their language is just as bad. Video gamers, son do not like hearing small kids swearing over Xbox.  But, for right now enjoy watching Daddy get his headshots in domination.

Little baby, know that I will be there and know that I will be there no matter what. Today is day 8 in the 30 days of Thanks and I little sir am thankful for the greatest present in he world,YOU! I am thankful for you and I do not need anything for Christmas this year. Why? Because I, little man got the greatest present ever. I got you. And I am the luckiest Mama in the world.

Little man 2013

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