Thursday, November 14, 2013

A cup of coffee and a thought. gifts this year!

It is a nice cool day in FL. 
 Today I am loving my coffee and I love these cute modern cups from Ikea. Which is the greatest place on EARTH. Anyways, Christmas is around the corner and this year I am thinking instead of meaningless presents I go with a personalized gift.
Why not do canvases? I found a great Groupon deal for them! It is a great deal from Printerpix, $25.99 for a gallery styled wrapped canvas and free shipping! Why is this a great gift? Well, how about those relatives always bugging you for a picture of the baby, or the family? Send them this! Not only will a canvas be better looking than just a frame on the wall but, it will get them off your case. You can also make you own wall art! Have a picture for the living room wall and you know the print? You can bring it to life with this deal. I have gotten one from Printerpix before and was very happy!

I am always trying to figure out newer gift ideas, and I want to save money. Everyone makes it seem like Christmas has to be full of expensive gifts,because yeah Best Buy we can all afford to get our nieces iPads. Let me go to my Swiss bank account....buh. I sit here drinking my coffee amazed that there were already Christmas commercials on Youtube. IT IS NOT EVEN THANKSGIVING! If you want to show commercials that boast the coming season, do Black Friday previews. Really. It may do you better to do that.
I also have been seeing all over Facebook, the posts of I will not shop on Tday because if I do someone wont be with their families. Well, there are doctors,nurses,police,firemen,emts,and millitary that do not get to spend time with their families. Yet we do not act outraged for them. I agree, I wont be shopping, not because I do not think it is fair but because I just don't want to. Now that being said, what about Christmas Eve. Is it the same principle? I just feel conflicted about those posts. What are your thoughts? Comment below.
If you want to take a look at this great deal, check out the link below:
$25.99 Gallery Canvas and free shipping

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