Saturday, November 16, 2013

Living with cats, pathetic kitties

It is 6 AM and I have yet to get my coffee. My boy is up and drinking his morning bottle,while I try to blog away. That is when my 2 cats like to strike.  No they aren't being mean. They are being pathetically sad and adorable. Why? Because they want something. This is when things get pushed to the ground for no reason. They both sit ON my key board at different intervals. Osiris tried  to get my attention by running back and forth on my coach. Well, until his fat butt fell off. Isis has been crying at me and chewing on my toes. trust me when I say they are looking for a pity party. They are now attacking the dinning room table and it is only a matter of time before those two are back in here making a ruckus. Somehow, I feel them watching me.
Cats find interesting ways to get affection.That is for sure.

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