Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday the lazy day and Monday the full of regret day.

Yesterday, was a great day. Although I got nothing done around the house. Really I didn't and have realized that my dryer is getting worse.  I have to dry it 3 to 4 times to get things dry,which is horrible for clothes. I hate this, and right now I can not afford to get a new one. I may have to start drying laundry or doing my laundry at my mother and father's house again. Joy. Why do things have to be so darn expensive? I did get my walk/jog in and hubby went with me! The boy wasn't too happy yesterday and gave himself a nice black eye. He tried to pull up on something and didn't judge distance well. 

Poor little guy. He also did not want to nap. So last night's bed time was not an epic battle but rather a quick and painless adventure. He went right to bed. THANK GOD! We needed an easy night and we got it!

Today he didn't fight me over breakfast and has been on heck of a happy boy! We are watching Peppa Pig, again! I wouldn't have it any other way. What do I plan on doing today? Vaccuming and cleaning. Basically everything I meant to do yesterday. JOY!
As I started to clean things I started thinking about black Friday and if the Samsung tablets or iPads will be on sale. Why? BECAUSE I HATE MY ASUS! It is the most god aweful piece of baby poop ever! It is glitchy and buggy. It freezes when something updates and is slower than molasses in winter. I had to turn auto-updates off because it is horrible. When I contacted Asus, they said at YOUR cost send in YOUR machine and we will look at it. But, do not send in the box and they couldn't even register the serial number. 
I got this amazing tablet(sarcasm) from Best Buy and really after having it for 2 months it decided to take a dump. I didn't take it back because someone told me that Best Buy wouldn't take it back.Someone who shall be nameless is wrong, they would have. ARGH! I found that out after I bought Ghosts. YAY and 1 year too late. All I can say is never again! Not only do their laptops die after 2 years their tablets only last 3 months I guess. At least Apple has a genius bar to take the thing too and Microsoft will send a box for you to ship the thing to them. Oh and Asus tech support is never around! I am going to look at the Black Friday deals and see if it is worth it to venture out and get one. I hate going out on black Friday, I either get injured by other evil shoppers or thrown out of a car. It seems to bring out the worst in people around here. I end up being abused. I got cussed out by a little old lady because I was "in her way", this was when she hit me with her cart at Target and I got a sprained ankle. WOW.  That is one of the reasons I stay home an decorate for Christmas. It is safer, my roof is safer. My Christmas tree is safer and in no way will Bing Crosby jump out of my radio and strangle me over an ELMO doll. 
Only 43 days and 13 hours until Christmas. Get ready people. Rant over.

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