Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Walking and dancing my way to the mailbox.

Today was a short walk. It was a bit chilly and windy out, so to make the most of the walk I decided to walk and dance down to the mailbox. What a sight that must have been. Some blonde dancing down the street like a lunatic with a stroller. It was fun, and my baby got some fun out of it. We enjoyed it. We danced there and walked briskly back home. I was hoping to see some Christmas houses on the way to blog about. But there were none that I saw. Yes it is a few days early but there is a couple houses on one street that are decked up. 

My baby finally ate something, some squash. Not much but he ate something. Then he refused his bottle. AHHHHHH...this kid. I know it is a phase and teething.  So, all I can do is watch him and give him snuggles. Babies need to be nommed on and snuggled often, you know. 
Now I am off to try a new recipe courtesy of a fellow blogger on Kayln from Kayln's Kitchen . Can not wait to taste it tonight for dinner, roasted Sweet potatoes with red onion and feta. Only, I have shallots not red onion. But it should work, right?

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