Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Today in babydom

Today I figured I would get some things done around the house and I got the floors mopped, kitchen cleaned, and get some blogging done. I restarted the shoe of the day on Gofashiondeals. I feel more accomplished and I noticed my earlier writting today was a bit on the not so good side. Mainly because my boy was getting into everything. But as soon as he went down for his morning nap, I was not only able to get some listings on ebay done, I got the shoe of the day done on my other blog. YAY!
I tried to go on my walk and made it ten feet, my heart started to spaz out and I came home                                 So, here I am with my favorite sidekick, and I am blogging on my daily personal blog all while watching IMAX deep blue on Amazon Instant Prime. It has been 3 months since I had cable TV removed. My husband I know misses it. I have to say I do too. I miss my Walking Dead and Bravo TV Real housewives. I am lost without them. But what comes first? Food or Tamra getting married? FOOD, always wins.
I have to keep my finances in order and that was a quick thing to get rid of. So, off it went. My husband keeps looking for alternatives; dish, directTV, and re-examining brighthouse. But the outcome is the same, it's too much honey. And I am sorry for that.

But, we are managing with no cable. We have Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. I am also going to see if I can catch up on Bravo TV shows, as well as Duck Dynasty. It occured to me the other day; are we really that hooked on TV as a society that we can not let go of cable? Is that how it feels to not have a drug in your system? Or to give up smoking? Giving up cable is it like giving up a bad habit? For me, not so much. I am ok without it. In fact there were many days when we had cable that I turned the tv off and just sat in silence. What an amazing hour or two was that! It was ruined by my hubby coming in and turning on the tv, as if instinct took over and he HAD to have the noise. He was not even watching it. How hard is it to have a cup of coffee without hearing the news on the TV. It is all bad news anyways or repeating politcal garbage. Why can't we have a quiet day?
I think I am going to deploy a new tactic. A day of no TV, unless it is Xbox and then it must be turned down on the TV and only on the headset. The TV not being on will not kill anyone of us and it may be good to have some peace and quiet. I want to show my little man that you do not HAVE to have TV on all the time.
And I think that is one of the problems with childhood obessity, the kids get stuck infront of the TV and have no clue what amazing adventures are in their own back yards, litterally. Um, how long has it been since you used that swing set? Parents, get engaged. Even if you do not want to be out there, take a book out with you. Or play WITH them, the blackberry is not going anywhere. Just like the TV is not going anywhere. But, a life without the constant need of TV can be a great thing. So, I am going to try this little experiment and log what happens here. And see if we do alright with the TV off for 1 day. I used to be able to handle it.


  1. I have refused to pay for TV since 2006, and living in the mountains of VA means I get zero TV because of that. You know what? I don't miss it. I have three teenagers who don't really miss it either. We buy TV show box sets, like Dr. Who, Big Bang Theory, Golden Girls, etc... and have a killer movie collection and otherwise I read or write, my daughter paints and draws and has developed extremely advanced skills. Both the boys have an xbox and PS3 in their room so they play all their games, but they also get outside and run around in the woods and camp out and have good grades and most importantly they all talk to me. They even think I'm cool. My husband is a book worm and as long as he is surrounded by a pile of books, his world is okay, so I don't have to worry about him wanting TV. He didn't even have one growing up. Good luck on your experiment! Feel free to drop by sometime at

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I have to say I don't really miss it. btw I love golden girls too!!!!