Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WAHM,SAHM, making money at home.

I was looking around WAHM today, which is a great site for ladies who are SAHM or WAHMs trying to find work or work at home. I was there looking for something that I could do, while taking care of my baby. He is a full time job after all, but I was hoping there was something I could do while he was around. I did the whole customer service thing with Express Scripts. It was a WAHM job, but the job itself was so stressful it made my heart condition worse. I was home but my baby could not be. Hard to deal with. But, here I am and looking to see what was out there.There are a lot, and I mean A LOT of scams.Now,WAHM does state that while they filter most of them out; they can not do it all. I can totally understand that. There are some links that take you to those GET RICH NOW and GET PAID DAILY garbage. Which some can be real, but others are just that, a scam. Tread carefully.Trust that gut feeling and know that sometimes the BBB is WRONG.There is also a great community on Babycenter for WAHMS. Research everything, and join the forum. It does help. I love the eBay forum. I haven't posted much their because for whatever reason I always forget my login info. Go ME!  And by the way there are some good survey sites, if you wanted to do that. Instead of cash they do gift cards, it is free to join. is it and while sometimes it takes a while to get anything in your gift card bank it is fun to do. I do mostly baby related surveys but they are fun!
Now, I love being a SAHM, but who wouldn't want a little extra spending money? Especially for the holidays. I do have my eBay shop; Chippey's Shoppe. Which is doing OK, and I am so proud of myself for actually getting it started. Feels good to be my own boss. I want to continue to do well and keep my store going.  It is something that I feel will help me out in the long run, just like my blogs. My blogs and eBay store will not fire me, or lay me off. Unless I lay myself off for being tardy to my own business and that would just be silly. For an eBay store, start with some stuff around your house. Then move up to more direct shipping stuff. OR you could go that handmade way, but research that first too and check out Etsy. Try different things out, and see what works best. Remember to market well and you can do fine. IT TAKES TIME! Egypt didn't build the pyramids in a day(took almost 30years), your eBay store will not be an over night success. Things take time to sell, and I have had to relist some stuff over and over again. It was a slow season,kinda.
Then there is the thing they always talk about on sites like WAHM and other blogging sites for SAHM or bloggers wanting to earn. Affiliate Marketing. I am not an expert of SEO or AM but, I do get the basic concepts of it. It also helps that hubby is an expert, however, he has me learn a lot on my own. THANKS.
There are some good AM sites. Look in to those as well. I am not going to go into AM or SEO, because I feel I have too much to learn myself. So, there is a forum post in WAHM for affiliate marketing. The ladies and gents there are super helpful.

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