Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday can be fun days.

Today is Monday(no duh) and I am trying to make it a fun day for me an my boy. So far we have rolled around on the carpet. He helped me wrap gifts, and discovered one of his! Now he wont leave it alone. And keeps finding the thing! He will disappear and then I hear the alphabet song...found him. He is laughing and dancing. We have also done some house hold chores while watching Peppa Pig, his favorite. We are getting ready for Christmas decorating. I found my Christmas bins and need to go into the attic to get his white tree for his dinosaur extreme tree. Little boys have EXTREME Christmas trees. It is going to be covered in over $100 in blown glass ornaments....I had just realized he has one expensive ornament selection. I got a discount on them from Hobby Lobby, but still without that each ornament would have been $5.99 to 10.99 per ornament. Am I crazy? Yes, absolutely. But, this is my favorite time of year and I go Christmas tree crazy. How many do I have? Well, I have one in the master bedroom, one in his bedroom, and the main tree. Why not? Anyways, we are prepping for this Friday; where we will be decorating instead of shopping. Ahh, nothing will be better than a glass of sparkling Barefoot Pink Moscato and my Christmas tree being abused by my baby boy. My ornaments will be in trouble and his tree will be safe. He never goes into his OWN room. Just mommy and daddy's room.
But, today we are getting a lot of fun done. He even tried to feed his mommy "pretend" food. This week I hope goes by fast, we have a lot to do this weekend.
If you want my Black Friday survival guide I finally posted on my other blog Gofashiondeals. Read it; it is funny.

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