Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A cup of coffee and a thought.

I love my coffee, it is nice and cool this morning and so the windows are open and I am loving it. It feels like fall,finally.  My cup you may have noticed has a snowman on it. Well, yeah. This is my holly jolly cup. I drink it to feel more jolly, I'm sorry drink out of it. What is on my mind? I tell ya it is about the weather.
I just cool mornings and days like this. When it is usually hot beyond belief here the cool breezes and crisp air just makes me want to be outside and in the middle of it. This kind of thing is short lived and I am sure in a week it will be gone. Back to mid 80s and my cat ran into the glass door.....oie. Weather like this makes me want apple cider and pumpkin pie. The leaves do not change here and I would love to see it. Makes me miss the changing of the seasons, still. I can not wait for Thanksgiving and all the food, I am an eater. Mashed potatoes get in my belly!!!!
Don't judge the holly jolly mug. I needed it! :P

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