Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The day before, Turkey day.

It is Wens, and it is Thanksgiving eve. This morning I was off to a rocky start, my baby keeps waking up at 3:30 Am each day, takes a bottle and then snoozes until 6-6:30 AM. I just can not get him to sleep all night anymore. Phase? He also is not wanting to eat. After a few bites he just turns his head like "I am full,bleh" He also discovered how to be uber pathetic and act like he is going to puke. Oh the joys of boys.  I know it is partially teething and from what I have been seeing on Babycenter and Circle of moms that this is a normal phemomona that hits between 8-10 months. They are just not as hungry as before or they see too much going on. They want to be in the middle of it. He only has two teeth so it isn't like he can really chew anything. He did, however, try to feed himself. So, maybe that is it. He wants to do it. He did try this morning and we ended up messy. Very messy.  Then the fittings started and he just was not happy no matter what. Over tired little man.

Today, is a cool 70 degrees out. Ahh it feels like fall. But, this is short lived. It will soon be hot as you know where in no time, again. I have to say even though it is FL, it is unusally hot this year. Global Warming much?
So, it being Thanksgiving tomorrow;I thought I would ask what is your favorite Thanksgiving day memory.
Growing up in MO, we would have my Grandma and uncle from the Ozarks come up to St Louis to have Thanksgiving. There would be lots of laughs, mashed potatoes, and fart jokes courtesy of my dad and uncle. There would be a fight over the wishing bone and then the night would finish with my dad and uncle playing hockey on the Sega Genesis and the rest of us playing Rummy with grandma. Those sweet memories you just can not replace and it was the best. Also, knowing that dad was going to put up lights the next day. I can still hear the colorful vocabulary as he fell from the roof. Or if the lights would not go on. We never did Black Friday. It was just too much fun at home.


  1. Perhaps I should come to FL for this Thanksgiving. Being GA native, I much prefer 60-70 degree Thanksgivings. It got down to 40 today. Yuck. :(

    I hope the phase passes with your baby and you're able to get a good night sleep soon.