Friday, November 15, 2013

Fun out and about, window shopping and fierce shoes.

Today was a great day out with my mom and boy. We got quite a bit done and looked around at all the things we wanted and didn't need. It was fun!  I love window shopping, sometimes it is nice to get out of the house It is great to just be out.

Our first stop was to get my little man a new car seat. He outgrew his car seat and needed a new one. Who knew that car seat shopping would be so hard. There we were in Target going back and forth between car seats. Category 3? Category 2? Rear facing to forward facing. Cup holders? What? We found a nice car seat by Even'flo. It was great, we also got him some Christmas gifts. That is when we went to Starbucks, I ordered a Gingerbread latte and mom got the Peppermint Mocha. We ordered then sat down. The barista let us know our drinks were ready, so mom got up to get them. That is when some woman jumped up and took my drink. She didn't even order a gingerbread latte. She ordered a caramel brule. I know this because she was right behind us when she ordered. The girls near my mother were shocked and they had to remake my drink. I was sitting there confused. I have never have seen this before. I got my drink finally and it was heaven! By the way they had Alice and Olivia Starbucks mugs;worth checking out.

We went to lunch afterwards and then had a blast at Ross and Michaels. I got a new wallet!A pink(no surprise) Jessica Simpson wallet. While we were out and about today a great thing and uplifting booster happened, my shoes were complimented a lot. I love my pink shoes from Justfab. I had on all white except a pink jacket and those shoes. White on White is still in and I decided to tone it down with the shoes and jacket. It is a look I loved! Too bad I got spaghetti sauce on them; the pants that is. Can not take me anywhere, I swear.
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