Friday, November 22, 2013

Sweet Red with a side order of dinosaur. Grrrawr.

I have started wrapping my boy's gifts and am really excited about his first Christmas.  I know, I know; it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. That's next Thursday.  But, I like wrapping what presents I get early. It gives me time to focus on other stuff.
I may be wrapping early but, I haven't decorated yet. That can wait. So, I popped open a Sutter Home sweet red wine and got to work. I am busy being Santa.
Then it hit me, 3-4 hours of sleep and red wine is like drinking Nyquil. I have realized I am exhausted.  And this wine is making me sleepy.
What to do? Keep wrapping!   When do you wrap presents?  What is "TOO"early for Christmas decor, wrapping,  and music? Do you feel there is not much separation of holidays? While I may kind of feel that decorating now is early, I salute those who do. I have to admit I have been listening to Christmas music since August. 
oh yeah!! MMMMM.
How else can you wrap a dino? 

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