Friday, November 8, 2013

King Tut and his death reviewed...again.

This past week we have gone through a lot in the science community. Although I do not have a degree, I feel like if I had finished school it would be in Anthropological studies. There was a discovery of a new human body part, before that the Western Black Rhino declared extinct, and before that scientists in the UK think they know what happened to king Tutankhamen. This is something I posted about already on Gofashiondeals. But, I just had to look into what we already knew. We also had to ask the question, Why?
Well, his death compells us to look. It is the mystery and the romance of discovery. However, this is a hard thing to prove.
 What are they trying to prove? That he died in a chariot race. Using the latest computer tech, these scientists used what is used in recreating car crashes and concluded that his death was the result of the chariot race. His injuries were consistent with those of a car crash victim. His heart was not found and he is the only Pharaoh to be buried without one. Why? It may have been crushed and too badly damaged. This would have been devestating to Ancient Egyptians, as they felt you did most of your thinking from the heart. Which is one of the reasons they discarded the brain. Tutankhamen's was too badly damaged and thus they tossed it.
Ever hear of fried Pharaoh? No? Well, they also believed his body was badly burnt. It does look it and one could wonder if it was done during embalming. I mean his dad was a heretic and the Egyptians went to great lengths to get rid of any mention of Armana and Ankenaten. Look what they did to Queen Hatsheput? She was a great queen, but they had to restore order and she was stricken from the records. But, Tut's issue was not being burned by priests or anything. They believe it was the heat and the embalming fluids and oils. Think about this. Imagine putting something in a 400 degree oven covered in oils and stuff. What would happen? It would cook. And yes people, that may have happened here. And that is one of the reasons his body may have been stuck to the bottom of his coffin. This was why Carter hacked his body up to get it out and look at the jewels on him. Sad,but true.

I find this stuff amazing and I say keep it coming!!!! Science!!!!

Oh and if you are in NYC, King Tut's Exhibit will be back after 30 years! I wish I could see it!
If you want to read Nat Geo's Article of this click the linky below.
Mystery of King tut

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