Saturday, November 16, 2013

A cup of coffee and a thought, real housewives.

Call me dorky but I love that mug.My thought today is around the Real Housewives of whatever. These wealthy women bounce around to dinners,parties,events, and it is all around a bunch of people they hate. The Real Housewives started here in the U.S.A., but after much popularity there have been spin offs in other countries. The one I just finished watching was Vancouver. All I can say is wow, there was more backstabbing there on that show than on any of their U.S.A. counter parts. OK, except Jersey. Cause Teresa is some kind of looney. But, she makes it funny to watch. Rosie, makes it hilarious! The fights on this international Version were somewhat painful to watch, there was some really viscous attacks on one person. And there was plenty of "I got your back", followed up with nothing and no help from said friend. I couldn't stop watching this Canadian train wreck, and am actually sad they didn't make a season 3. But, after reading the Youtube comments against Jodi, it is no wonder why Slice said no more. Watch the show and see why.

There was a lot of fights when there shouldn't have been, but it is no different than Miami where they fight everywhere. Can we have one set of Housewives that get along? Please!!!  The Beverly hills team made me hopeful, that at last there was a group dynamic that worked. It worked at was good. For the most part they got along in season 1, except for Kyle and Kim's fight at Taylor's birthday party. They were a breath of REAL fresh air. Even though Kyle and Camille started off bad, they made up and moved on. It was nice. Season 2 was still comradery, but there was a shift in friends. Then it just got worse, and ended up on O.C. level of fiendish behavior. Just wow, season 3 left me speechless and I felt bad for Lisa. 
All of the fighting made me realize something, can they for once act like men and not like teenage highschoolers. Look at how the men on Miami made up, they said their piece and then dropped it. Um, ladies learn from that. You are not in high school anymore.
But, the real thing is this, have any of us left that mentality? In office politics behavior like that is prominent, I have witnessed and been involved with it. Desperate to get out of it, I felt high school drama is not good for women in their 20's,30's 40's and 50's. But, it is there. "Can you believe she wore stilettos and is pregnant?"
Those were the whispers I heard, and put a stop to it. What is your thought about the housewives? Do you think the word bully gets tossed around too much on the show? Which is your fave? And whose fashion and closet would you like?
I want Lisa's closet, but LOVE Kyle's style.

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