Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oh no,a clingy baby and you.

The other night, Halloween night to be exact was fun of fun and mayhem. It was also full of one baby who was as my sister put it needed baby xanax. He is going through the clingy faze. It was really aparent when I try to put him down for a nap and wakes up. Wakes up because he is done sleeping is one thing, waking up because mommy is not there is another. Believe me, I love him and when he needs me I feel all melty. But, when he doesn't; like when his aunt is holding him, he is a gremlin. A feisty gremlin. He is not hurting and he certainly is not in danger, but he wants his mommy. Flattering and annoying at the same time. It is also embarrassing, because he is crying at everyone. If I am not around he is OK, but, the minute I walk into view or he hears me, WATCH OUT!

He is going through a phase, I know. He will grow out of it and then not want me at all. So, I kind of take advantage of this not so interesting phase. Soon he wont want mommy. This whole needing mommy clingy phase makes it hard to put him down to play. Mainly you can not tell if he is genuinely wanting to play and just be or he wants to play but mommy better be there in reach.  He can be playing and forget I am there and thusly I get some eBay stuff done, but heavens help me if I cough or sneeze. Then it is waaaaaaahhhhhhsville. I love this little boy but, come on toys are more exciting than me. Even if our "where is baby" games are of legend, his neat noisy toys are fun! So what am I going to do about this? Let him grow out of it and let people I trust watch him. Even if it is only for an hour, at least I will get mommy time.

By the way did you know books are for eating? My son thinks so. #Lesson learned.

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