Friday, September 6, 2013

Reading "The October Horse".

I am sitting here on my couch with my hubby after a long day of a teething little man with no sleep. I check my ebay account as I am selling Lemax,designer baby clothes he no longer fits in, and books. I decided I wanted to get lost in an ancient world of scandals,war,love, and ancient history.

I started to read my larger than life novel The October Horse by Colleen McCullough. Upon reading the first couple of sentences; I noticed it was as though I was reading aloud. But I wasn't, it was in my head. Caesar's words were being read in a voice of Rex Harrison( he played Caesar in Cleopatra). It made me wonder, how many others do the same thing. When you read, do you "hear" the words in your head. As though you were reading aloud. Do you change the character's voices into something other than your own voice? Or is it a 100% silent reading?

 I'm sure I am not the only one that has wondered about this. Scientists study this type of auditory learnning,thinking,and reading. Does reading like this alter the way we perceve the text. Is it an aquired trait or one you have after infancy? Think back, do we even remember? Interesting to know and while I go back to my read, I am sure I will continue to think about it.


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