Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sleepless in Florida

It was a dark and stormy night last night. Perfect for sleeping right? Well in most cases yes, in mine ha It wasn't because of little man, although he did wake up at 3am. I forgot his cereal before bed. Oops. Mom of the year here. I haven't been able to sleep because of worry and stress. Money and lack of it is my main issue. I worry about everything, that is not abnormal for me. And my post partum depression isn't making it better, infact kind of down blog posts I feel are a result of it. But, they say you got to talk about your problems to feel better,right?  I have my eBay store, which I am going to name after my fashion blog Gofashiondeals. It is helping me a lot, the only thing that is rough about this is my printer broke and we are a one car family. I rely on my husband to drop off at the post office. Not to mention eBay doesn't make funds available until you get everything shipped, have 25 sales, and OR $250 in sales. Almost there! And that makes me feel really good!

One day I hope we can get two cars, one day I hope we can go on vacation, one day I hope we can finally get rid of this ugly hand-me-down couch. It's over 20years old. It sucks seeing everyone else have and achieve so much and we keep getting kicked down. I try to be positive, but I am not sure how long it will last. I already feel my positive outlook on this fading.Like this is my chance of starting my own business or getting my blogs better.And slowly that can do attitude is changing.I thought there is light at the end of the tunnel, now all I can think of is how far away the light at the end is.

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