Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oatmeal for lunch and Xmas life.

It is lunchtime and instead of having a sammich(no jelly or meats) or a tasty soup(out) I am having the cold weather breakfast of champions. Oatmeal. Oatmeal with a pad of butter and brown sugar, no milk. Sounds yummy right? It is, but not what I was hoping for.

I am right now sitting in my office listening to Xmas music while my Little Man sleeps away. Yesterday he got his 6 month series of shots at his 6 month check up. Not fun and addition to those he got the flu shot. Something his mama here can not have, due to allergies. Yay. He has the battle wounds to show for it and the fever to prove it. He is such a poor grouchy child. He just wants his mama, or grammy, but I can't hold this booger all day long. While trying to clean carpets he was ok, as long as he was not in the jail(packnplay).
But, then that didn't last. So into the office we went and the Xmas music went on. He calmed right down after our morning dance around the office. I made the mistake of turning it off and all hell broke loose. Lesson learned. DO NOT TURN OFF LITTLE MAN'S MUSIC! Mama got the message now.
Wont happen again Little Man, mama promises.

So, the eBay store is going well. I just listed some great stuff. Like a diaper bag gift set, I never used the bag. It comes with a blankie, huggies,J&J stuff, onesies, bottles and a surprise. I also listed a Dooney and Bourke bag and Givenchy Sunglasses. Unfortunately, I lost their certificates of Authenticity. Craptastic. I have looked everywhere for those darn things. But, the store is doing great and I can not wait to start the next chapter of the store. Once that is up and running more, I will blog more about it on my Gofashiondeals blog.

You know, I say loosing my job may at the moment be awful and seem like the worse thing that could happen, but my friends and family say it may have been the best thing for me and the best thing to happen right now! You know, if I hadn't lost it I would still be stuck in misery. I would still be missing my son every moment of the day and my PPD would still be horrendous. But, loosing that job has lit a fire under my ass to get up and do something! And you know what? I did! I started my store. I am my own boss, my own worse critic, I have to use my brain, and I get to learn new things. I am excited. When one door closes another opens.
Now, off to enjoy my now cold oatmeal and cold coffee. When will I ever get hot stuff?!

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