Monday, September 16, 2013

It is nap time, you know what that means?

Ah HA! My little man is asleep! Normally I would be scurrying around the house trying to get crap done. But today, I am working on my eBay store and working here in my office. The blogs need some work. Not structurally but writing wise. I should be reading my book The October Horse, but he would sense that I was reading and wake up. No, I will read before bed. Just like I would not turn off Pandora Christmas music, he would wake up;we don't need a grouch. I got some chores done today, I feel accomplished. I even made Marsala for my mother for lunch! TAKE THAT! Now, on to working on these blogs of mine.

I have a fun little app on my phone for tarot reading. I actually have 3 decks, but they are more of a decor thing. People are so scared of Tarot, but why? They are no more scary than reading your horoscope in Cosmo. In Victorian times women would read each other's fortunes with tea leaves and with playing cards, while the men were off having brandy in another room.So why such fright? Hollywood. Why am I bringing this up? Well, I was reading Cosmo and with all my awesome fortune lately I would check the cards. So, this morning this is what I got:

Ten of cups
This card was basically saying Got to be grateful for the love and happiness in your life. Makes me think, I have been so mopey lately.Also, focusing too much energy on what I feel is what others have and I don't. Like what great things they have and how happy. The ten of cups means stop whining about the "don't haves" and focus every ounce of energy on the "do haves".

This isn't necessarily a bad card to get,especially if you are feeling sorry for yourself and being envious of others for what they are getting,got,and keep getting. And it makes a lot of sense to how I have been feeling. I would like to see Cosmo's horoscopes do that. They are never right for me. But, then it is never meant to be serious. 

Final note if you are wondering what deck that is, it is the Rider Wate Deck.

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