Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Playtex nursers, fantastic stuff.

If anyone told you that a bottle is a bottle and they are all the same, they are wrong! Playtex nursers are fantastic as are the Ventair bottles. I fell in love with these darling bottles right when my little baby bear was born. They held breast milk pretty well, I mean I purchased them thinking that was what they were for I didn't know. FTM HERE! My hubby and I stood in the bottle aisle for a horribly long time try to decide which one to get. I had gotten a Ventair bottle already, but I thought it was just for formula. Again, FTM people. So,I grabbed the nursers; a,because it said nursers and b,because I remember someone with a bottle that had a baggie in it when I was a child. I grabbed it, a 4oz and the 8oz.

They were  and are great to use and I already figured I grabbed the best, I mean on the box it said great for reducing gas and good for babies with colic. Little man had the gas, not the colic no matter what my mil(mother in law) declared. He had regular baby gas! Anyway, the box stated that it would help with that and when has a box label been wrong. Right Cambells?
He still had gas.
I was not using the bottle right. Oh my God, how can you use these bottles wrong. Well, my sister showed me. You have to squeeze the air out. Less air means less gas. Duh, mama bear!
And a great discovery 4 months after I started using them, the lids. The lids connect to the bottom of the bottle! Oh wow!! These bottles can be expensive, but you can get coupons for the liners. You can get coupons for the bottles  too. Ladies of Georgia and Florida, sign up for baby club at Publix. Coupons and free stuff. There are coupons for 3 dollars of Playtex bottles!

Side note on coupons, I had Starbucks kcup coupons, I could have used those at Bed Bath and Beyond. Crap.

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