Monday, September 23, 2013

RIP Keurig, I miss you.

We laughed, we fought, we shared amazing coffee; but alas my poor Keurig coffee maker died. We had a good run, 2 years of fun, and lots of Starbucks Blonde Roast. I miss it. I miss the ease of freshly brewed coffee. No measuring, no waiting, and no mess. I want it back. But, I have to wait. I have to wait until I can afford a new one. Yup. Bummer. I am not the only one suffering, my dear hubby has been without his Jetfuel K-cups for almost a month.

It died like this; First it wouldn't push water through the cups. So, I cleaned the needles and descaled it. By the way, my descale light never came on. I had thought I cured it, nope. That is when all the lights lit up and started blinking like Christmas lights. I unplugged it and the plugged it in, nothing. after an hour it worked and I could get some glorious caffeine into my system. The machine was OK for two weeks, then BOOM. It wouldn't take water from the reservoir. And then the lights went out. Oh no. What do I do? I need my coffee. I need the precious.

That is when I remembered my French press. Oh, Ikea French press how I love thee! I busted that thing out and proceeded to make the weakest coffee ever! In the history of ever! Great. I forgot how to measure coffee, two scoops? No. Three? No. What in Hera's name do I use? I finally a week ago figured it out. Go me!
French presses make great coffee, but you have to know coffee chemistry to use it. Like how many scoops to water. Oie'. I miss my Keurig, because yes I am lazy. And with baby bear, mama bear has no time to wait and taker her sweet time. I miss it so much, and freaking A, the warranty was out! However, Keurig gave me a discount off my next machine when I am ready.  50% off actually.

Yes, soon the precious will be back in my life. It will be mine;oh yes, it will be mine.

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