Saturday, September 14, 2013

Honey I burnt the lasagna....again.

image via allrecipes

For a girl who can make a mean stuffed manicotti, why can't I make lasagna? I follow recipes to the T and still it comes out burnt and nasty. I can make baklava from scratch, but I can't do this? What is wrong with me? Are my husband and son doomed to only ever have lasagna at my parent's or inlaw's homes? I would love to be able to say "Hey, I made delicious lasagna!" in stead of the usual profanity that comes from my poor kitchen.

As far as things go, I follow recipes. Set my oven at the temps they say to. I set a timer. And yet out comes this perfect on top and weird rest of it; followed by a not so great mass on the bottom. What is the deal?! Is my kitchen sabotaging me? Is the universe sayiing NO lasagna for you!? I can not make this dinner dish to save the baby Jesus.
I feel so defeated, so let down. I get asked to make it and go to the store and cheat. I buy it premade. And it is no where nearly as good as homemade. Why does this one dish cause me such catastrophe?! Right now I don't even think Ina or Giada could save me in my lasagna woes.

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