Friday, September 6, 2013

Thank you Target for the humiliation!

Why is it when I want to return something or use coupons they block me or make it unbearable to do so. Target, who I used to love and have admiration for has forsaken me! It begins with coupons and ends with formula.

Let's start with me shopping, as I try to use coupons. There I was with my groceries,mom,son, and coupons. I had manufacters coupons and the store coupons. There policy is to accept both. They told me no, that they wouldn't accept both. Even with the coupon policy in front of them. Strike 1 for my town's Target!

Then flash forward to a Saturday or two ago. There I am needing to return formula.I had purchased it online by using the Target app. I couldn't use the formula anymore, my son was switched to specialty formula. I had the pack slip/reciept; it said that I could return using it via in store or back through the mail. Both required that slip for returns. I thought it was all good and I went to the store with the slip and remaining formula.

  I got to my local store and set down my items at customer service. I handed over my slip and I figured it was ok. Since I used paypal I figured I would get a gift card and that would have been fine. The boy needed diapers and wipes. The first associate was shocked when the system was giving her trouble returning the items. Not a big deal in my book, it happens. She called a manager, OK, fine still not unusual.

 That is until Lucifer the supervisor came. She takes the slip and starts to return my items. Nope, can not take them back. She takes my slip; which incidentally was the receipt as well. She says "We can not return these."
"WHAT?! I just got them 4 days ago!!"
She then said there are two items here and the items I had were different.
"Yeah, they are. One is ready to feed and the other is powder." By the way it said so on the slip,duh.
But, I was trying to be polite to the troll.
"Where is the Receipt??!!" the supervisor replies as she is shoving the slip in my face pointing to the items.
"In your hand, that is all I got."
"Do you have the card you used?" she rolls her eyes as I reply with a nope used paypal.
"Of course you did."
Alrighty, attitude much?!

So, she takes my license and continues to talk down to me. Pointing to the items I had and then to the slip questioning how I acquired them. She tells me she has to check the skus to make sure they even sell those products. I tell her I can walk you back to baby and show you! I felt degraded, I felt as if she was accusing me of stealing from the store. Like I just walked back to the baby aisle and took Similac Advance for sensitive tummies; just to come to customer service and return them for cash. Um, I HAVE A RECEIPT!
I felt like she was treating me like a thief and a lowlife. She stood at the register muttering about me. Um, what did I do wrong? I was well within Target's return policy. That was the only slip in the box. I got one box and that was all that was in there. Why make a scene with me? I was trying to be polite, I was being nice, even when I was a tad snarky it was in defense. "I got those from Target's app" I said quietly.
I was almost in tears when she got back to the register I was standing at. I was shaking. I was humiliated and people were staring.
She then walks back to me and with a horrible attitude says "OK, I guess we can take these back. But, you wont get cash.It will be a gift card,but not cash,OK."
"I never wanted cash, I am fine with a gift card. Thank you. A gift card was fine" I felt abused.
"Ok" she then handed my slip back, which she promptly showed me the items again! Pointing to them like a parent pointing to an F on a report card. She then handed my gift card and receipt for it telling me how much was on it.
I thanked her, even though I wanted to cry, I still thanked her. I left to go get little man diapers. I saw her again at a regular register. She stared at me then ignored me. What the heck happened to customer service?
Why did she get away with that? Why couldn't I ask for a higher up? I felt horrible and I hate going back to that Target. I get better customer service at the Walmart. What happened?! When did it become a hassle to be nice and help someone. Especially someone within return policy and with a receipt. I was not mean to her. I was polite, but she treated me like I stole the items. Yes, I robbed Target by purchasing formula with PayPal and then returning what my son couldn't use and it was NOT opened. Don't get me wrong I still love Target in general. I love the fashions there and the pharmacists. Plus their baby section is wonderful, I just wished their customer service was better.
What are your store horror stories?

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