Thursday, September 12, 2013

Being a mom means.....

I find myself loosing track of things. Like if I emptied the trash or if I ate that morning.  I have little time. Who would have thought having a baby would have so much impact on time. Between him and trying to get my ebay store up and running, I am lucky to get a hot cup of  coffee. Tia and Tamara say it all "I'm lucky if I get a bath or take a shower. I'm lucky to have on clean underwear".

Yeah. You know you have no time when you're washing your hair in the bathroom sink and haven't shaved in days! I tried to read while my baby boy watched Peppa pig. Nope. He is trying to crawl and is rolling all over the living room. He is mobile. Oh my God he is mobile. His naps are sporadic and not long. Being a mom means chasing baby and juggling the world.

I spend my afternoon lost in a game of peek a boo and get da baby.  But that is ok, I wouldn't change it for the world.  There is so much love for this little man.
Even when he "fits".

I try to keep the house clean as I am ocd about it. I see how women just stop caring about themselves and focus on everyone else. They feel there is no time even to get dressed, let alone do hair and makeup.  I find my hair is up all the time. A. Because of mr grabbyhands and B. I just am too spastic to flat iron it.
I do put makeup on or try to at least. Obe day I had only one eye done. It's ok no one saw. I do get dressed right when I wake up so at least I got that done. But, I do totally get why so women just give up and why so many get defensive.  I would be defensive too.
So what am I going to do? I am going to try to make more time. Hence the word TRY.  Wish me luck!

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