Friday, September 20, 2013

Crying at nap time, let the fun begin.

I'm trying to get stuff done today, baby boy needs a nap, and I can not hold him while he is sleeping. We have a morning routine, we dance together. I get my exercise and he get to be bounced around. We have fun and he is getting too comfy and ends up sleeping on me. That is a habit I am trying to break. I have tried sleep training early on and he didn't do it very well. Now here I am with a screaming baby who is so tired and needs to learn to comfort himself. Pediatrician said he could cry a little. I go and check on him, let him know it's ok. But, he throws tantrums that put 2 year olds to shame. I am talking throwing himself and going in circles. He is an epic fitter. My sweet baby bear.
I know his reasons for being really bad today. Normally after me going in his room once or twice and giving kissies and hugs, he settles down and zzzzz. He got his shots Wens. Since then I have had one clingy and not so happy little man. He got part one of the flu vaccine. Yes, I believe in vaccinating my kid. My little man is a bit under the weather and he was up and down last night. So, I expected a crabby baby today. How am I doing it? Well, lots of patience. He is my little man, my baby bear. I love this little kid with all my heart. That is how I do it. Sure there are times I wonder if there is a record for loudest fit by a 6 month old. Then I snap out of that, and go back to snuggling that little meanie monster.

I am quite curious how many mom's out there do the whole cry it out thing. I can't. I know he is sometimes testing me with his epic fits,no tears. But the rest he really does need something. So, mom's chime in and what do you think about crying it out, how long do you let them cry when it is nap time?

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