Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall fun: bat chandelier

I love fall fun and Halloween. I love making crafts for every holiday.  What got me in the mood was watching a Martha Stewart DVD. I looked at my dining room chandelier and thought "it needs bats." And bats it will have.I used my Cricut cutter and the October 31st  cartridge. If you don't have that it is ok, you can hand cut the bats. I also did this with my 6 month old on my lap. Yes, it can be done and we had fun!!
What you will need is:
Black cardstock
Red Ribbon, black, or clear string
Zots or staples

You want to cut out several different sizes to hang around the chandelier. For Cricut I used sizes 4,3 1/2,3, 2, and 1 1/2
Cut a ribbon 10-11 inches long. for each bat. 
Place a zot on the back of the bat, and place the ribbon on top of the bat.
You should cut the ribbon at angles to fit on the bat, place the ribbon on the zots.
Cricut does make it easy to do, but like I said you don't have to have one
I free handed a bat, using extra paper and scissors
Fold the paper in half and start to cut out a bat like shape.
When you open the bat it will look like this.
To make the center, make a larger bat and then attach a ribbon to the bottom. then zot a baby bat on the string, using a zot or staple. To hang from the chandelier I used the free handed bat and poked a hole. I strung it on a ribbon connecting the one side to the batty string . Then I attached a second ribbon to the top bat I free handed and tired it to the chandelier.
What you see is the end result at the top. I wanna add spiders to it. But doing this with my baby bear it would be hard to do.

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