Friday, September 13, 2013

Sahm, what to do next.

First of all HAPPY FRIDAY! TGIF!
I have been a SAHM(stay at home mom) for a couple of months now. At first not really by choice and now by choice. One thing I noticed about it now that the ahhh I get to stay home with my baby joy has worn off. I am still excited I get to be home with him every day, don't get me wrong. But that initial response of YAY, I get to be with him has changed into "Yay I get to be with little man everyday! But, Um money?" Yup I am in that doldrums, of financial crunch. We don't go out, not that we did anyways; that was like pulling teeth before when there were 2 checks coming in. We cut back, I coupon for groceries. OK, wait, I would coupon better if my printer worked. Many of the coupons I get in the news paper are not products I use. I wish I was a better couponer, like my sister. SHe can coupon her way into the store paying her money!

So, earning while being at home. My doctors did not want me working a normal job. The only reason they let me go back once was because of the fact I worked from home. But, with the amount of doctor appointments I had and no PTO(paid time off), oh and the fact they wouldn't approve any anyways; I had to go back on Medical leave. And then they let me go. I didn't qualify for FLMA nor unemployment. I have to think of something to do to earn something. Every little bit helps right? I was thinking of doing a Melaleuca business, but as I am discovering with that no one is interested in getting a membership or to make an appointment with me, and these are my friends. No one seems to understand, the people I know just don't want to be bothered. I got to keep strong and carry on. The products do work, I like them.

That is when I noticed my son's box of clothes that no longer fit. His Gymboree and The Children's Place clothes. They are just sitting there not doing anything. I also have tons of unopened Lemax Village Items. For Halloween and for Christmas, to eBay with them! I have opened my store. I am happy and excited! I don't feel like it is work and it doesn't stress me out. Already I feel a weight has been lifted. I have to be successful. I am trying hard to be.  So, we shall see and I will definitly blog about my eBay adventures!
Stay tuned!

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