Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beach comber, Sunday.

Sunday we took our son to the beach. At 5 months old it was an exciting day. It was more fun for us than him.He did not like it much. Oh sure he enjoyed being under the umbrella and playing with his ocean inspired toys. However,  we didn't go to New Smyrna Beach just to sit in the shade. We wanted water fun. Water pool fun, sandy, and crab chasing fun. That is not what we got. We got something completely different.  A screaming child and people staring judgingly at us; just for sticking his feet in the calm shallows of 2 inches.  The minute his little feeties hit the cool Atlantic ocean ,it was scream city.  Not happy at all. All I can say is poor little man.
One thing I also should mention is the sadness I witnessed.  While we walked with our boy in my arms; I came across so many beer cans, plastic rings from cans, plastic trash, hair ties, and other debris. New Smyrna has always been gorgeous, what happened? Sharks were not a worry for me, stepping on a jagged piece of something was. Is this the fate of our oceans? It was such a shame to see and it saddens me to think that Florida, who boasts beautiful beaches, is starting to decline. And at the hands of humans. Do not fear sharks, fear the people instead.

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