Friday, October 4, 2013


Happy Happy Friday people!

Today is an alright day. I started to clean out more boxes and I started make my Christmas cards. Yes,it is early. But, if I don't start now I wont get them done in time. And side note SCREW YOU PANDORA! Darn thing keeps skipping.While I was getting things going with my Cricut machine, I went to stamp some cute penguins. I thought, "thought", I had some good ink. Yeah, it was as dry as the desert. So my project is now on hault.On to the next project! Today me and the boy will make some cookies. I am going to play around with some recipes I know. Here in Fl, cookies do not set up like they do up in Missouri. So, I have to play around with my recipes to get things just right.
Today it will be sugar cookies and double chocolate chip cookies. Will post more later. Now it is time to feed little man.

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