Friday, October 18, 2013

Finally, I put pics in the scrapbook.

I am a scrapbooking mama, normally.  But I haven't had any time to do so lately. Today I made time. I had too and you know what? It felt good to work on it. I feel great about it. I got some of little man's ultra sounds in the book. And it made me think about my pregnancy and how small he was when he was born. The drama during my pregnancy and all of that. It made me realize even more I may not want to go through that again. My little man may be it for me. Who can say for sure. But as of right now I am happy with my family of three.
When I tell people I may not have anymore kids they treat me like I am being SELFISH. What? Really?
"Your son wont have a friend.  He will be lonely! "
Who are these people to tell me stuff like that. Why do they get to determine how many kids I do or don't have?  Why is it when someone says they only want one child they are pegged as selfish human beings? Perhaps they can not afford more than one. Maybe healthwise they can not handle it. Or it could be their preference.  It doesn't make it wrong.
What got me talking about it today is my scrapbooking reminded me of that. It made me happy about my little man, but also reminded me of defending myself to everyone. 
Yeah, I have to defend myself about kids. I am not the only one. People defend their decision to have many or none at all. People have to defend their not wanting to get married. Why do we have to go through this and why should we care what other's say?

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