Friday, October 11, 2013

Cat bath oh fun!!

I have 2 kitties and  they are indoor cats. But even indoor cats need regular baths. It controls dander and smelly kitties. They may not like it, but they are used to it. Bath time consists of one cat getting bathed in the sink and one in the tub. This is due to size difference, Isis is small and Osiris is a big boy. I mean big boy, 25pounds of cat. Yeah, he is big. While she is a whopping 8 pounds when wet. Tiny tiny fat girl.

Her bath was relatively easy, except my little man thought I was hurting her. She howls when getting bathed. He cried until I put her back on the floor and she ran off. I made it out no scratches or bites. Then it was big boy's turn. He was fun to get into the tub. He turns into a giant piece of plywood and locks every muscle. You have to fold him to get him in the tub. Little man was in his crib at this time, Osiris is pathetically dramatic during his baths. He used to like them, but as he has gotten older he now is not fond of the water. That is unless he puts himself in it.

He gives me tiny meows and sad face as I scrub him down with soap. Ohhhh so sad. Poor kitty is abused and smells of coconuts. After the bath he hides under his towel for 45 mins. Then he runs around the house like a psychotic prisoner who just escaped. Someone feels good,huh? He plays for a bit and then settles down on the couch. Both cats didn't talk to me for the rest of the day.

Today it is the dog's turn.

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