Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween fun : a city block party.

Been a bit since I last wrote on the blogosphere. The teeny part of the internet that the blogosphere is. A bit has happened since I last wrote, er typed. For instance my little man got his second tooth and has been cranky ever since. He is cutting more I have no doubt. He caught his first cold. That was awful took my family of 3 two weeks to get over it. Poor little man does not like the little snot plunger sucker thing. He acted as though I was killing him. Or worse I was pulling his baby brains out through his nose. I, little sir am not an Egyptian embalmer. The nose plunger sucker of doom is getting the boogers and snot out, you will be fine.
Then there was my niece's 17th birthday. Holy crap. And I made the parental boo boo, I forgot his pack n' play. He was OK, for the most part. Who am I kidding he was miserable. I had no idea what was wrong, my sister said he was out of character. He is usually calm and giggly. He was none of that. She then said he is in pain, give that baby Tylenol. I numbed his mouth with oragel and gave him Tylenol. He went from unhappy to giggly and happy. He was ok, love that kid and my sister.
Saturday we went to our town's block party. It was a Halloween party, not a "fall festival". Full of kids trick or treating booths,costume contests, adults trying to be 8 again,and confusion. For instance, a lady drove the wrong way on a one way street that was blocked off and full of little ones. She didn't know that the road was blocked, but we all wondered how she got on the wrong side. The party was great to watch, people watch. People of Walmart people watching. My son had no clue of what was going on, he had a spoon and was happy.  We walked around and then wanted to walk through the merchants, they had things blocked so we stood in line. Everyone was standing in line and we thought it was for the merchants. Stood in that line for over an hour and a bottle. We got to the end and saw that the line was for a damn photo booth. Yes, we stood in line for a photo booth. We were all irritated. The baby was tired, so we left. It was fun to be out and see how many people were out. The kids were really creative with their costumes and a lot were handmade. My fave? A boy that made a creeper from Minecraft costume. I didn't dress up my boy that night, he was really itchy. But he will dress up for Halloween. Tuesday pumpkin carving, until then!

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